Metanoia (Moona Autumn, 2020)

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The sands of time no longer speak in tongues of persuasion
An ocean changed in form and sound to swallow thee
The dust of silence procreates, but fades immediately
As i observe the sphinxes vanish in the winds
I know his day is nigh
I know the night must die
Revealing lasting peace beyond all fragile woe
I feel the void extending
I feel the self transcending
Dimensions falling down beneath the open eye

I look around myself and witness dreams and dreams and dreams
I am surrounded but untouched by all things ill-conceived
The strangest forms appear to me in everlasting streams
To renew illusion’s seed that no thing will ever be relieved

Void is mind itself, and mind itself is void
A presence of the absence of will
Is speaking from beyond the veils of lunacy
Reminding me of what i am
I know the i is falling
I know these roots are sprawling
For benediction comes through him who is in all
I feel them flowing through my veins
I feel them slowly breaking chains
And reason resignates with unexpected grace

Receive the silent voice
The sound of transformation


SCHAMMASCH / „Metanoia“